Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'll never go..

As I was listening to the song you used to sing for me, I kept thinking.. How could I learn to let you go? No matter how much you hurt me.. There's only one thing I'm sure of, that is.. I really really don't want to let go. I love you. I love you more than anything and there's nothing I could wish for as long as I have you. You're the best. I know you are, inside my heart. You give me the strength I need everytime the world turn its back on me. I'm willing to fight with you until the end.

Monday, August 3, 2009

our day. :)

thank you for a wonderful day kahit na sandaling time lang meron tayo. yung presence mo ang best gift para sakin ngaun since madalang na tayo magkita or magusap. akoyong maging mushy kasi mafeel ko lang at malungkot nanaman ako. ang hirap hirap ng malayo sayo. pero ikaw na mismo nagsabi na ilang years na lang bawing bawi lahat ng to dahil araw araw na tayo magkakasama. happy happy anniversary sayo. i love you so much. mwah. hinding hindi kita iiwan. lagi lang ako nandito sa tabi mo. ingat ka palage. i'll always be waiting here for you.

Monday, March 9, 2009

JUNE 28, 2008

12: 59 am

Hindi pa ko matulog e. . .Minsanan na lang tayu magpuyat para makapagusap dba. . .Syempre kukunin ko lahat ng opportunity para makasama ka in every way.ü

01: 19 am

Hindi ako nagdalawang isip na tanggapin ka kristine. . .Lubos lubos ang kaya kng ibigay sayu. . Madami pa akong mapapakita sayu. . .Nagsisimula pa lang ako. .

01: 24 am

In other words. . . Naniniwala ako sa lahat lahat ng sinasabi mo sakin. . .Hindi na ako nagduda. . .Kahit 1%. . .Naniniwala ako sayu 108%. . .Yung extrang 8% its bcoz of you k-r-i-s-t-i-n-e 8 letters. . .

01: 27 am

Kasi for me i think you deserve the best. . . Kaya hindi tipong candy wrapper lng gusto kong ibigay sau. . .Gusto ko mbgay sayu ung mga bgay na kailangan kng paghirapan. . .

01: 28 am

Ako matagal na akng nangako na hnding hindi ka maiiwan. . . Lagi tayung sabay. . . Hindi kta iiwan. . . Cory pero totoo. . .

Friday, January 18, 2008


i look up beneath the sky
wondering where you are
it shines very bright twinkling
like your dark brown eyes

the image of you kept coming into sight
rejected by my subconscious mind
thinking about this endless love
putting this mess all aside

sometimes love could be so unfair
taking back the happiness they brought
in return with sadness and darker days along

i can't beg you to stay
because there's no such thing as
forever in this world
but your always going to be a part of me

STRANGER by angelica licuanan

i was not expecting to meet you
but i saw you out of the blue
you knock me off my feet
that made my heart beat

it was so fast i cannot fight
i think its love at first sight
you brought me delight
a feeling that gives me hope and light

that i could forget the one who captured my heart
and finally found my way out
you put me back to normal state
and made my infatuation placate

i was so glad that you came
but still i don't know you name
you are still a stranger i can't deny
you made me smile i don't know why

you made me realize that i deserve more
someone worth fighting for
hope to talk to you sooner
and know each other better

want you to be my friend
and not anymore a stranger we tend
you have changed what i feel
and make my wound heal

my broken heart

it's been months since you left
but it feels forever
time traveled so fast
i wonder what happened

i could still feel this pain
hoping it will soon disappear
those promises are broken
and words unspoken

spinning your world around your own
ways off your way throughout the road
jumping like a silly toad
ignoring this thing called love

for you it's just a game we play
on summer or in rainy day
leaving all this pain i feel
and kills me with a broken heart

my sweetest downfall

we have done so may things for months and it was the best thing that ever happened to me aside from my friends
i never felt it coming, though i was so happy and contented
you really knocked my feet off the ground
i thought i was dreaming but i'm living the dream all along
i risked everything and took my consequences
never meant to hurt the people around me
"i'm doing the right thing, fighting for love" said my conscience
heading to far across my limits
love took me there not knowing how long it would stay
everything happend so fast
until i realized your gone
i never wanted to see you go
but its your choice i hace to take
going our separate ways
it was hard
but i'll give it a shot
my sweetest downfall..